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Immune cells regulate body fat

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Not only our way of life and our hormones influence our metabolism and thus our health. Overweight, for example, is promoting type 2 diabetes. Researchers have now found out that our environment is also influencing the immune cells in our body fat. Read more about this in our news.

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Topic of the Month: Myocarditis
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Myocarditis: more specific diagnosis thanks to molecular imaging

Topic of the Month

Image: Collage of several MRI images of the heart, in which different locations are marked with red arrows; Copyright: University Hospital Münster/Ali Yilmaz
There are many causes of myocarditis or inflammation of the heart muscle. Oftentimes, the culprits are viruses or bacteria and sometimes even an acute heart attack. Regardless of the cause, it creates a challenge for cardiologists: a diagnosis tends to be only nonspecific without a biopsy. A cardiac MRI and molecular imaging promise to provide assistance.
Read more in our Topic of the Month:
Myocarditis: more specific diagnosis thanks to molecular imaging
Imaging, sonography, endoscopy – a view on the heart
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CCD Süd / South, 1. Floor, Room 3

The shoulder is in the service of the hand and the function of the arm depends on the stability and mobility of the spine. Patients with symptoms in this function area represent a large patient group in physiotherapy. The speakers of the 4th MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE bring you up-to-date on the topics announced and also offer a lot of practical knowledge for daily practice.
Read more about the MEDICA PHYSIO CONFERENCE here

Research & Technology

A hair-trigger for cells fighting infection

To fight infections cells in the immune system play a dangerous game with their own genes. Damaging genes allows B cells to make antibodies that are specifically equipped to target to specific causes of illness, but damaging genes also puts them at risk of becoming cancerous.
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Research & Technology

Metabolism can be used to subtype hepatoblastoma tumors

Looking at cell metabolism instead of histology, EPFL scientists have identified new biomarkers that could help more accurately classify the two main subtypes of hepatoblastoma, a children liver cancer. Hepatoblastoma is a rare pediatric liver cancer, usually diagnosed in the first three years of life.
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Image: logo of the MEDICA ECON FORUM by TK
Together with the Messe Düsseldorf, the TK health insurance company (Techniker Krankenkasse) presents the sixth MEDICA ECON FORUM by TK at MEDICA. More than 50 experts from politics, medicine, economy and science will discuss developments in the interface of research and practise in the four-day forum in hall 15.
Read more about the MEDICA ECON FORUM by TK here

Public Health & Associations

"If silence is dangerous" – International Patient Safety Day 2017

In this year, the 3rd International Patient Safety Day takes place under the topic „If silence is dangerous“. On Sunday, 17th September 2017, and during the following week, all interested stakeholders in the health care system can inform themselves about the subject of patient safety and discuss it with others.
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Company News

Danish subcontractors bring cutting-edge component technology to the medical device industry

Danish Health Tech Group (Danish Export Association)

The global medical device industry is increasingly outsourcing key knowledge and production development functions to subcontractors. To meet the demands, Danish subcontractors to the medical device...
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