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The simulated heart valve

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Parents know: Children quickly outgrow their clothes. Growing itself can become very problematic for children with a congenital heart defect who receive an artificial heart valve: The implant does not grow together with the child and regularly needs to be replaced. This is why physicians are hoping for implants made from biocompatible materials that grow like the child does. The project LifeValve has simulated how such heart valves develop in the body. Learn more in our current interview.

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image: 12 - 15 November 2018, MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine in Düsseldorf

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Topic of the Month: EmergencyEye
Interview: Regenerative heart valves
Video: Ambulances of the future
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Ambulances of the future


Foto: preview picture for the video "Ambulances"
Today's ambulance features far more technology than meets the eye. But not everything is aimed at treating patients. Ambulance manufacturers must also ensure that their vehicles make a great workplace for the crews on board and can adapt to the different challenges of emergency medical services.
Watch the video here!
Ambulances of the future – a safe and ergonomic workplace
More videos in our MediaCenter
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Research & Technology

New stroke imaging technology

A new study, presented at the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery's (SNIS) 15th Annual Meeting, found that new stroke imaging technology could decrease delays in care by up to 60 minutes, giving patients a better chance at making a full recovery.
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Research & Technology

A 3-D model of a human heart ventricle

Harvard University researchers have bioengineered a three-dimensional model of a human left heart ventricle that could be used to study diseases, test drugs and develop patient-specific treatments for heart conditions such as arrhythmia.
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Research & Technology

Kidney cancer: patients benefit from robotic surgery

A new study from the Keck School of Medicine of USC finds that, for patients with early kidney cancer, robotic partial nephrectomy decreases complications, mortality and other important patient outcomes as compared with open or laparoscopic techniques.
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Resuscitation via videostream

Topic of the Month

Image: young woman kneels next to unconscious man and makes call with smartphone; Copyright:
When the heart stops beating, irreversible brain damage occurs within minutes without resuscitation. Meanwhile, action is only taken in very few instances of cardiac arrest. Even first responders frequently feel helpless in this situation. In Germany, approximately 65,000 people die each year from sudden cardiac arrest. This is where EmergencyEye comes in to offer valuable support.
Read more in our Topic of the Month:
Resuscitation via videostream – how EmergencyEye can save lives
Telemedicine – well-connected in emergencies
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Public Health & Associations

Clean air for brain health – World Brain Day 2018

On 22 July is World Brain Day. It was established by the World Federation of Neurology to raise awareness of brain health and neurological disorders. This year's World Brain Day is dedicated to a topic that concerns us all with its topicality and omnipresence: air pollution. This poses a considerable health risk to our brain.
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Regenerative heart valves


Image: View over the shoulders of two doctors at a screen showing a model of a heart; Copyright: ltd
Every year, more than 250,000 patients worldwide receive heart valve implants. Children require repeated replacement surgery because their bodies are still growing, whereas the prosthetic heart valves are not. Regenerative heart valves can solve this problem. Until now, we have only been able to monitor how these living implants develop in the body after the fact. Thanks to computer models, these processes are now predictable.
Read the interview here:
Regenerative heart valves: from simulation to replacement
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