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The engine of our body

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What do you do when your car's engine breaks down? You take it to a garage that takes care of it. Repairing our heart, the engine of our body, is not that easy. Today's medicine is able to protect, heal and even replace the heart completely, but no heart therapy is a quick "pit stop". Read more about the newest tools of cardiology and surgery in our Topic of the Month.

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The heart - engine of the human being

Topic of the Month

Photo: Physician is drawing a heart with a red pen; Copyright:
Its beating is the first sign of life of a human being in the uterus. It beats about three billion times until we die: the heart. Software and tools to support its research and therapy are continuously developed further. Read more about innovations that will be available to modern medicine in our Topic of the Month May.
Read more in our Topic of the Month:
The heart - engine of the human being
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Pancreatic cancer: diagnosis via signature analysis


Graphic: The pancreas and the organs surrounding it; Copyright:
Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer because it is difficult to diagnose and only presents with symptoms in the later stages. In the future, a laboratory test developed at the Greifswald University Medicine could make an early detection of this type of cancer and consequently a faster and better treatment possible.
Read more in the interview:
Pancreatic cancer: diagnosis via signature analysis
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