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X-Ray or ultrasound?

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If it is unclear whether a child suffers from pneumonia, medical imaging is necessary. For this, normally X-ray is being used. But especially for children, X-ray radiation carries many risks. Ultrasound is a safe alternative. Learn more about the use of ultrasound with children in our Interview.

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Topic of the Month: Collect Data? Utilize Data!
Interview: Pneumonia in Children
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Collect Data? Utilize Data! – The Blessings of Big Data

Topic of the Month

Image: Different medical pictograms; Copyright:
The worldwide amount of digital data doubles every two years. In the medical sector, too, data is not only becoming bigger but is also becoming more. In addition to "classical" patient data like blood parameters or medication, patients' genomes are playing a more and more important role. But how can these data mountains be utilized, how is Big Data evolving to Smart Data? These are the question we want to answer in our Topic of the Month.
Read more in our Topic of the Month:
Collect Data? Utilize Data! – The Blessings of Big Data
Big Data – Benefit for the medical sector
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Research & Technology

Researchers identify how inflammation spreads through the brain after injury

Researchers have identified a new mechanism by which inflammation can spread throughout the brain after injury. This mechanism may explain the widespread and long-lasting inflammation that occurs after traumatic brain injury, and may play a role in other neurodegenerative diseases.
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Research & Technology

Air pollution can alter the effectiveness of antibiotics

Researchers from the University of Leicester have for the first time discovered that bacteria that cause respiratory infections are directly affected by air pollution - increasing the potential for infection and changing the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment.
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Pneumonia in Children: Ultrasound or X-Rays?


Image: A physician is holding an X-ray image in her hand; Copyright:
Pneumonia is the most frequent respiratory disease in children and can even cause death. That is why it is extremely important to make an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible. If this requires imaging tests, normally X-rays are taken. But there is an alternative: ultrasound.
Read more in the interview:
Pneumonia in Children: Ultrasound or X-Rays?
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Public Health & Associations

Overheating in UK homes: a health disaster waiting to happen

A Loughborough academic has warned the UK is facing a public health disaster if the issue of overheating in homes is not tackled. Professor Lomas, an internationally acclaimed expert in building simulation, says the next heat wave to hit the country could have grave consequences for the most vulnerable in our society, as the country now has a housing stock unable to keep cool in the warmer months.
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Economy & Markets

Test could be leading to unnecessary open heart operations

An approved international test to check whether people need open heart surgery could be sending twice as many people under the knife unnecessarily, at a cost of nearly £75m, research by the University of Leicester has suggested.
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