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Sound and rhythm against tinnitus

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Howling, cracking, swooshing – many people, especially in the western industrial nations, hear sounds that originate in their heads. Stress, infections or injuries of the ear can be possible causes. These sounds are able to cause a big psychic burden. Now, a new app that fights tinnitus with music can help patients. Learn more about it in our Interview.

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Topic of the Month: Ophthalmology today and tomorrow
Interview: Tinnitracks app
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Ophthalmology today and tomorrow: surgery and more

Topic of the Month

Image: Look over the shoulder of an eye surgeon who is operating at a microscope; Copyright:
Ophthalmology procedures and eye surgeries have been around since ancient times. Today we can hardly imagine the types of circumstances that surrounded any surgical procedures to our perhaps most important sense organ in those days and later eras. Meanwhile, the present and future of this medical specialty looks all the more promising.
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Article "Ophthalmology today and tomorrow: surgery and more"
The eye – therapies for good vision
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Medical Device that fits in your pocket: music for Tinnitus relief


Image: Screenshot from the Tinnitracks app; Copyright: Sonormed GmbH
Listening to your favorite music for at least 90 minutes a day and treating your tinnitus with it? Almost sounds too good to be true. Yet more and more German statutory health insurance providers pay for this treatment. We wanted to know more about it and spoke with Jörg Land, the CEO of Sonormed GmbH, about Tinnitracks.
Read more in the interview:
Medical Device that fits in your pocket: music for Tinnitus relief
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