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Nerve cells support wound healing

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Our skin is not only our largest organ, it is also our first line of defense against pathogens. It is all the more important that the body quickly heals skin wounds. Learn in our news, how glial cells step into the breach here and support wound healing and why this could be important in the treatment of chronic wounds.

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image: 12 - 15 November 2018, MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine in Düsseldorf

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Topic of the Month: The surgeon's co-pilot
Video: jumpBALL
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Surgical navigation systems - precise planning and execution of operations

Topic of the Month

Image: Two surgeons during an operation in the dark, behind them X-ray images shine; Copyright:
Neither a compass nor a map will help a surgeon plan surgery and guide surgical instruments. Surgical navigation systems are the solution here. They can be based on imaging methods, such as CT or MRI, or consist of instruments connected to screens via sensors. In their networked form, they will play a major role, especially in the OR of the future.
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Surgical navigation systems - precise planning and execution of operations

Research & Technology

Cancer researchers hit a bullseye with new drug target for Ewing sarcoma

Screening a class of recently-developed drug compounds, so-called CDK inhibitors capable of blocking CDK7/12/13 proteins, against hundreds of different human cancer cell lines, researchers at Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center have found that CDK12 inhibitors pack a particularly lethal punch to Ewing sarcoma, a rare cancer typically affecting children and young adults.
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Research & Technology

The first step in generating an artificial adrenal gland

In a new study, published in Cell Reports, researchers from the William Harvey Research Institute at Queen Mary University of London used cells derived from urine to take the first step in generating an artificial adrenal gland.
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Research & Technology

Everyday exercise has surprisingly positive health benefits

The benefits of low-intensity physical activity, such as standing, walking or doing household chores, can be more health beneficial than once thought. According to a study from Karolinska Institutet published in the journal Clinical Epidemiology, replacing half an hour's sedentariness a day with everyday activity reduces the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease by 24 percent.
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Research & Technology

When the "guardian" and the "caretaker" of the genome join forces

Achievement in the field of cancer research: Biologists and chemists at the University of Konstanz decipher a molecular mechanism of the cell with relevance for the development of cancer and the fight against that disease. Particularly important is the interaction between the tumour-suppressor protein p53, known as the guardian of the genome, and the enzyme PARP-1, the caretaker of the genome.
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jumpBALL – thrombosis prophylaxis easy as child's play


Image: Preview picture of video "jumpBALL"
Improving people's health with wearable technologies – that's the goal of mHealth. We are visiting the University of Kaiserslautern and the wearHEALTH workgroup, which develops these types of mobile health services with funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Here, we get to try the game jumpBALL that has been developed by wearHEALTH to support thrombosis prophylaxis.
Click here for the video!
jumpBALL – thrombosis prophylaxis easy as child's play
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