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MDF Instruments USA, Inc. Introduces New Home Healthcare Offering at MEDICA

"no touch thermometer"

Known for their unrivaled lifetime warranty and Free-Parts-for-Life™ Program on high performance equipment, their emphasis on affordable, distinctive products was effectively transitioned into home-based care products, including the OSCILLA™ Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor and the new MDF® Febris™ Touch Free Thermometer.

Home-based healthcare is amongst the fastest growing sectors of the medical industry. As the number of aging and ailing patients is on the rise, there is a noticeable preference to be treated in the comfort of their own homes. To fill this demand, MDF Instruments has developed new products to provide patients the ease and relief to access their vitals with the speed and accuracy received at a practitioner’s office.

The MDF® Febris™ Touch Free Thermometer will be launched at the MEDICA Trade Fair – Dusseldorf, Germany on November 20, 2012. This non-invasive handheld device reads temperatures two inches from the body or liquid allowing for easy temperature reading in the home as well as infection prevention in a clinical setting. The Febris™ will accompany the first MDF home health product, the OSCILLA™ Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, which allows patients to check their blood pressure with a touch of a button. The OSCILLA™ is patented with the InflateRead® technology that accelerates measurement time by 40% compared to that of comparable digital blood pressure monitors.

Samples are available for health care distributors world-wide. For additional information on MDF Instruments home-healthcare line, please contact Angelique Dolan.

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MDF Instruments USA, Inc. Introduces New Home Healthcare Offering at MEDICA