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MAGIC - A revolutionary method for targeting the distal hole without X-Ray

What is MAGIC?

Spectrum MAGIC is an electromagnetic targeting system for intramedullary nailing osteosynthesis operations which significantly reduces harmful radiations in the operation room thus making the operations safer, more accurate and faster. It is done more effectively and more user friendly than the competitive products of the world market.

Watch MAGIC in action: https://youtu.be/UoFdHPE_3EU

Why MAGIC? The traditional method of finding the distal hole – and its inherent health risk

After the insertion of the nail significant nail deformation may occur that hinders the finding of the distal hole. Since the nail is inside the bone the holes accepting the screws are not visible, therefore they must be found with the help of x-ray devices which expose the operation room personnel, especially the surgeon, to significant radiation load. Researches prove that being exposed to x-ray for a prolonged period of time could have harmful effects on the health of the operation room personnel therefore our task was to create a system which is capable of targeting the locking holes without x-ray quickly and with high accuracy – in the magnitude of 0,1 mm.

Development procedure

Sanatmetal Ltd. often has consultations with Hungarian and other European lead surgeons in order to develop the most innovative implants and instruments conforming user needs. Our consulting surgeons with the R&D people found the optimal solution to be the practical application of magnetic fields to address the above problem.

MAGIC was preceded by many similarly theorized systems. These experiences enabled the engineering department to fine-tune the system into MAGIC, conforming to the highest expectations.

How does MAGIC work?

MAGIC consists of 2 elements only, a signal source that is inserted into the intramedullary nail and a complex microcomputer unit which reads the information from the signal source.

One of the holes of the intramedullary nail to be inserted is specially shaped which is capable of connecting a hand targeting device thus finding the rest of the distal holes is easy and radiation is reduced by 50-80%.

The minicomputer first runs a calibration cycle mapping the neighbouring magnetic signals. After that the magnetic signal source is pushed into the intramedullary nail and the LED show the rotation direction of the distal arm and also the correct position of the special hole.

Upon the removal of the signal source the cortex above the special hole is drilled. The distal targeting arm is disconnected and the hand targeting device is pushed into the special hole of the nail and the rest of the distal holes are drilled through that.

Main features and advantages

available for Humerus and Tibia (coming soon: Trochanter and Femur)
x-ray radiation can be reduced by 50-100%
~100% accuracy
25% shorter operation time
cable free
short learning curve
instruments, including the MAGIC computer, can be sterilized at 135 degrees
power source enough for 1000 operations
targeting arm positions and locking holes are color- and number-coded


Magic offers a real solution for a real challenge. The number of countries applying modern surgical technique is rising continuously and in the near future we shall see Magic in more and more operation rooms which does not use magic but the results of innovative research to protect the surgical room personnel from harmful radiations while ensuring the complete and optimal healing of the patient.

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