Lyofal equipped with the most up to date technology in lyophilisation R&D

Lyofal, French leading company in lyophilisation services applied to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as cosmetic industry is keeping up standards in R&D.

The newly acquired device, a fully integrated freeze drying microscope, which enables a complementary reading when studying Determination of fundamentals parameters of lyophilisation compared to the by product resistance method offered (beginning of fusion and complete solidification).

When lyophilisating under a microscope, the measuring system used allow to observe visually, under microscope, fusion or collapse phenomenon. The video device allows monitoring and taking pictures of key phenomenon: crystallisation, fusion, collapse…

The device is equipped with a lyophilisation chamber cooled via liquid nitrogen and heated electrically, with a vacuum pump, a microscope. This device only requires 2 µl samples per analysis.
The method of electric product resistance allow to get a whole picture of thermodynamics phenomenon over cooling and heating of the solution especially if it is rich in salts.
The method of freeze drying under microscope allow directly via photographs to visually identify the lowest critical temperature (fusion or collapse).