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Locking Plates in Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery – a Technology Update.

The use of fixed angle stable/lockingplate fixation has become the standard method of treatment in trauma surgery. Technological innovation in this area is often a complex, time consuming process because of the existing patent rights and mechanical limitations.

aapImplantateAG together with trauma experts has developed a new generation of anatomical locking platescalled LOQTEQ®,thatoffers an innovative solution to combine angular stability and compression - in one hole, with one screw, in one step. The LOQTEQ®System features a unique patented “gliding-locking hole” technology with a global potential.

Technology: The innovativeLOQTEQ® screw head features a combination of thread and cone, which locks within the reciprocal threads of the locking gliding plate hole. The LOQTEQ screw design combines a thread with an open cone structure to offer an improved plate-screw connection with strong mechanical stability especially in the direction of weight bearing.At the same time, the open cone structure may reduce potential for cross threading or cold welding. This is a known problem with titanium locking plating systems. The conical screw head shape acts as a basis for a guided compression in radial direction and offers the surgeon a choice of interfragmentary compression of up to 2,3mm. Other locking plating systems that are available in the market allow for only 1 mm compression and this only with standard non-locking screws.

Currently, aapImplantateAG offers the conventional LOQTEQ® Small and Large Fragment Sets with a broad range of plates and screws to treat a variety of indications. The indications for LOQTEQ® anatomical plates include the Proximal Humerus, Distal Femur, Proximal and Distal Tibia.

The LOQTEQ® system offers minimally invasive instrumentation for the best standard of care, which has a potential to reduce the hospital length of stay for the patient. The sets are designedwith the clinical needs of European hospitalsin mind.

New product developmentsand increasing the range of indications for the LOQTEQ® system are on-going, with the next product launches planned in 2013. The complete product development process is done in cooperation withleading international trauma experts to help further ensure the quality of our products.

First clinical results show excellent results and high acceptance among the professional surgical community.