Lockable tablet cart -- MEDICA Trade Fair


AFC Industries, Inc.

Lockable tablet cart

As health care providers seek to improve communication with patients, many have turned to Tablet technology as a collaborative medium between physicians and patients. Far more flexible and bedside-friendly than even small laptops, these handheld devices promote safer, better, and faster care by enabling doctors and other caregivers to educate and involve their patients in the process. Patients often do not grasp what doctors tell them, and showing them high-quality images and videos can help.

Enter the AFC Tablet Cart with a lockable, tamper resistant , full metal jacket case which is created specifically to hold a tablet or iPad™. This height adjustable unit delivers the same quality and performance that you have come to expect from AFC, and a multitude of features and mounting options that can truly deliver the ergonomic experience so necessary for today’s clinician.

You will appreciate the carts pneumatic height adjustment settings of 28 to 44 inches from the floor for comfortable sit-to-stand settings; its stability and ease of movement on five, 4 inch twin casters; metal enclosure for storage: left or right side sliding mouse tray, the small 23 inch footprint and a sized to fit full metal jacket case with key lock to insure that the device remains safe and secure within the clinician’s area.