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Living Light

Trumpf’s innovative solution “AmbientLine” offers the world it’s first lighting system integrated into ceiling pendants for use in intensive care and operating room environments.
AmbientLine eases work for the staff, supports patients’ recovery and increases the sense of wellbeing for patients, staff and visitors. TRUMPF first introduced the concept as a trial at Medica 2007. Using this kind of lighting was such a success with visitors to the show and in subsequent field tests that TRUMPF converted the trial into products.

Light can help promote recovery
One of the first hospitals to use AmbientLine is the University Hospital in Freiburg, Germany. The neurological intensive care unit applies various aspects of basic stimulation to patient care. In addition, to support the patients' optical system, Freiburg is testing the new TRUMPF light solution at two beds in the respiratory ward. Lighting units use different brightness and colour phases to simulate the light-dark cycles that are lacking for many patients under conventional room lighting. “And it appears that the light has a calming effect on the patients,” says ward manager Georg Schönherr.
Patients are frequently exposed to extreme lighting conditions, especially in the ICU. Constantly shining bright lights and frequent checks with full room lighting disrupt the patients’ circadian rhythms. In addition to other stress factors, lighting is often a hindrance to patients’ speedy recovery, a fact proven in a study conducted by the Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn, Germany. More than one third of intensive care patients often suffer from depression, anxiety and confusion after three to five days.

Facilitated patient care
AmbientLine focuses on the patient and makes the work of nursing and surgical staff more ergonomic.
Ceiling pendants can be equipped for it with direct and indirect lighting. These light sources can be simply and flexibly activated at the patient’s bedside or even from the door, using an intuitively controlled touch screen. This makes it easier for the caregiver to reach the patient without having to light up the whole room and disturb other patients. A special LED light designed for platforms and drawers allows for easy and secure access to necessary instruments at the patient’s bedside. Additional lighting units are available for patient examination and treatment. These are directed toward different areas on the bed and can be independently operated. But if there is an emergency requiring full lighting, all the lighting units can be switched to maximal brightness by pushing a single button.

Promoting wellbeing and supporting recovery
A light, semi-transparent sail hangs over the patient’s bed, offering a surface for individual lighting. Colour configuration can be adjusted to personal preference. Through intelligent and automatic control of the light quality, AmbientLine also supports the patient’s circadian rhythm. In addition, the sail serves as a screen for projection with a beamer. In this way, AmbientLine connects the patient with information and communication. Television, Internet or personal images divert and occupy the patient.
A no-glare reading light that the patient can control and adjust is integrated into the design. More ambient light in the room is provided by coloured wall lighting that also serves as a night light.
Helpful characteristics for the operating room
Indirect floor and ceiling lighting is available for use in the operating room, especially for endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures. Soft, coloured, individually adjustable ambient light improves monitor screen contrast and allows participating staff to orient themselves and move about the operating room safely.

AmbientLine offers hospitals the opportunity to position themselves in an increasingly competitive field. The lighting solution can be retrofitted for all TRUMPF klinoPORT and incarePORT pendants installed since the year 2000.