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Live from the OR


Full HD quality with convenient and secure data transmission. Those are the benefits offered by new functions built into the TruVidia HD, the world’s first camera for designed integration into surgical lights and offering high-definition image quality – and made by TRUMPF. Today, at the MEDICA 2009, this leading medical technology specialist is showing technologies that will define tomorrow’s standards for image quality.

By adopting the new 3G-SDI technology, TruVidia HD offers the latest standard for transmitting full HD images. When compared with conventional HD-SDI technology this camera, available ready for integration into iLED or TruLight surgical or for mounting on a separate arm, generates twice the data volume. A razor-sharp image at resolution of 1080 lines per inch (1080p), progressive image rendering and two million pixels can be transmitted in real time – entirely without compression.

The previous DVI (Digital Visual Interface) standard for full HD (1080p) could transmit only over short lengths of cable. Image reproduction was thus limited to within the operating room. To cover greater distances fiber optics cable – delicate and difficult to lay – had to be used. With 3G-SDI, by contrast, data transmission to remote points is possible at superb image quality, using rugged and economical coaxial cable. This lets colleagues or students in remote offices or seminar rooms profit from high image quality in live transmissions from the OR, using a far simpler and more reliable system.

In the OR itself it is now possible to transmit the image data entirely without cable. Selecting "Wireless HD" lets hospitals benefit from the greatest degree of freedom in planning networked ORs. Cameras and monitors can be positioned flexibly, without any installation effort at all, and relocated whenever needed.

A second opinion would be useful – but the consulting colleague works in a different building or possibly even in a different country. Despite the spatial separation, nothing stands in the way of a joint diagnosis, thanks to TruVidia HD by TRUMPF. That's because this camera lets you forward live transmissions to digital networks at full HD image quality. Associates at other hospitals or universities receive the pictures via video data stream, either over the local area network or around the world via the Internet. They can respond immediately. To achieve this, the data are compressed enough to send them through the LAN or the Internet – without sacrificing any of the HD resolution. Images and video signals arrive without interference and without need for installing extensive and expensive infrastructure or cable. Thus surgeons can exchange opinions and ideas quite easily – regardless of the location, all around the world, and in real time.