Lincor Solutions Ltd

Lincor Solutions Has Unveiled a Unique Dual-screen Option for its MEDIVista® Bedside Computers

MEDIVista DS provides a second, independently controlled monitor, keyboard and mouse to any MEDIVista bedside computer.

With dual screens medical and support staff can review and update Hospital Information Systems or other clinical and support applications, while enabling the patients to continue using the main monitor to access patient entertainment and communications services.

Lincor is the leading provider of bedside computing solutions for hospitals and healthcare delivery organizations. Lincor’s MEDIVista system enables secure access to electronic health records (EHR), clinical applications, language translation services, patient education, meal management and bed management at the point-of-patient care. Outside of its clinical role, patients can use its simple touchscreen interface to easily access a wealth of digital entertainment and communications services from their hospital bed, including television, movies on-demand, Internet, email, games, audio books, webcam and telephony.

The new MEDIVista DS option provides a low cost solution for scenarios where it is needed to provide staff with access to hospital applications at the point-of-care without disturbing the patient.