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Capp A/S

Lightweight Pipette Controller

167 grams only Capp A/S introduces the World’s so far most lightweight motorized pipette controller, providing the best of ergonomic comfort.

Fatigue-free the CappAid™ pipette controller accommodates common glass or plastic pipettes ranging from 100 µl to 100 ml, and it features a powerful Lithium battery with no memory effect and a battery life of 12 hours continued use. It has a dispense selection of gravity and blow-out with a fully adjustable speed-setting. As one of the few pipette controllers it is designed so that it can easily be placed on the bench top with the pipette mounted - without the pipette touching the bench.

CappAid™ is UV resistant and has a fully autoclavable nose piece. It comes with an exchangeable 0.2 µm PTFE disc filter, and has a protective design for venting out corrosive liquids or fumes.