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Light Age Inc.

Light Age, Inc. receives FDA approval for the Epicare-YAG™ Advanced, Variable-Pulse, Nd:YAG laser system

Light Age Inc., developer and manufacturer of advanced laser systems and related products, has received US FDA marketing approval for its EpiCare-YAG™ laser systems – intended for use in General and Aesthetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Dermatology,and Podiatry with multiple broad FDA approvals including: treatment of Vascular and Pigmented Lesions, reduction of Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars, Removal of Tattoos, and for stable long-term or Permanent Hair Reduction.

These state-of-the-art EpiCare-YAG™ laser systems join the successful family of EpiCare™ high average power, variable pulse laser systems: the EpiCare-LP™ and EpiCare-LPX™ systems, define the state of the art for medical and cosmetic laser systems oiperating at 755 nm wavelengths, and the EpiCare-DUO™, providing the highest level of both 755 nm and 1064 nm performance available. The EpiCare-YAG™ completes and complements the EpiCare™ family by providing world-leading performance at 1064 nm. Like its kin, the EpiCare-YAG™ provides a highly sophisticated, powerful laser system that has unsurpassed capability and is versatile and feature rich, yet easy to use. It operates in either of two modes: a standard (3 – 300 ms pulse duration) mode for treating larger areas (up to 40 mm) and a special, high fluence mode – providing fluences up to 2500 J/cm^2 with pulse durations as short as 0.5 ms, ideal for treating most common lesions.

The EpiCare-YAG™ provides all the capabilities that are popular with the EpiCare lasers, including: high average power, variable pulse duration, large spot sizes, extremely uniform spot profiles, user-friendly operation with predictive maintenance and sophisticated diagnostic features, and the world’s only 21st
Century user interface including the internet-savvy SmartScreen™ guidance and management system. As with the LPX and DUO systems, the EpiCare-YAG™ is the fastest systems at its wavelength, and provides the lowest cost per
treatment, helping to reduce the cost-of-care.

“The EpiCare-YAG™ follows the success of the LP, LPX at 755nm and the Duo at both 755nm and 1064nm, by providing another option to our customers who want the speed and sophistication of an EpiCare laser but feel they only need the 1064 nm wavelength,” says Dr. Donald Heller, CEO of Light Age Inc. “This follows Light Age’s policy of providing extra value and
performance to our customers without trying to legislate how
they might best use the extra capability provided. While providing the lowest treatment costs, these laser
systems are intended to be the very best available, at any price.”

“By developing the EpiCare-YAG™, Light Age can provide the popular EpiCare™ line in all of the most popular wavelength formats. For more information regarding the EpiCare-YAG™ please contact Light Age Inc.” – Ado Umezawa, Vice President of Sales.