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LifeSensor Personal Health Record Supplements Service Portfolio:

LifeSensor Personal Health Record Supplements Service Portfolio:
HSK Group Offers Innovative Patient Service

Walldorf/Wiesbaden, July 03, 2008 – Dr. Horst Schmidt Kliniken GmbH will offer its patients a LifeSensor personal health record as of immediately. The personal health record will supplement the clinical association's future service portfolio with innovative patient service: Using
LifeSensor, patients will actively participate in their treatment process even after having been discharged from the hospital.

Did I have the measles when I was a child? When did I receive my last tetanus shot? When was I x-rayed the last time? What is my blood pressure medica-tion's name again? HSK Group patients will no longer have to ask themselves these kinds of questions anymore in the near future. Interested patients can receive information immediately at the clinical association’s website and also register themselves there.

The patient will collect his important medical data in his personal health record: E.g. examination findings, diagnoses, medications, courses of treatment or intolerances will be available online anytime and everywhere. Upon the pa-tient’s consent, this information can be used by HSK Group physicians and office-based physicians to provide diagnoses faster and to plan adequate treat-ments tailored to the individual. Unnecessary double examinations will be avoided. Patients will assume a more active role when talking to his physician thus becoming further the focus of his treatment process. In addition, with the patient’s consent, physicians can access the patient’s record or supplement medical information. This is how treatments can be optimally adapted to the patient's state of health.

Awarded for excellent privacy privacy
Medical data are sensitive data – and they are safely kept at LifeSensor. ICW, the personal health record's manufacturer, is a member of the German Data Privacy and Data Security Association. As the only German personal health record, the LifeSensor personal health record has been awarded the renowned ips data privacy certificate and the Good Privacy certification, which attest to excellent handling of personal data.

"Nobody likes to decide going to the hospital. But if a hospital stay is required, medical and care giving competence will have top priority. In addition, HSK Group offers its patients an environment that increasingly resembles that of a hotel, including an appropriate ambiance complemented by excellent service. The LifeSensor personal health record constitutes an additional plus when it comes to innovative patient service”, explains Holger Strehlau, speaker for HSK Rhein-Main GmbH’s management.