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Leica Scientific Forum – Events in Heidelberg, London and Paris

Logo (Photo: Leica)

WETZLAR. The lecture series Leica Scientific Forum – Advances in Life Sciences established two and a half years ago in Heidelberg has now been successfully introduced in France and the UK as well.

On top of this, video clips and interactive presentations of the Heidelberg forum that is held four times a year at the German Center Research Center can also be downloaded from the Internet at http://www.leicamicrosystems.com/leica_scientific_forum about four weeks after the event. The Leica Scientific Forum has four venues in the UK: the Imperial College London in cooperation with the Institute of Cancer Research and King’s College, in Oxford at the Institute of Engineering Science in cooperation with the pharmacology department of Oxford University and at the universities of Cambridge and Liverpool. The program of lectures is in the appointment diaries of reputed research centers in France, too, including the Institute Pasteur in Paris in cooperation with the Institute Curie, the University Paul Cézanne Aix- Marseille and the University Bordeaux 2.
“The success in Heidelberg has motivated us to expand the series of lectures to other renowned European scientific locations,” says initiator and organizer Dr. Thomas Zapf, Director Scientific Relations at Leica Microsystems. “From the very beginning we were able to engage high-ranking scientists to present their current research projects. By opening the international venues and presenting the lectures on the Internet we are able to make them accessible to a far greater public.”

Leica Microsystems established the Leica Scientific Forum to encourage communication and discussion of the latest scientific research in life sciences and to offer academia and industry a high-ranking platform for the exchange of knowledge on an international scale.