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Leica Microsystems Presents Super-Zoom Confocal Microscope

Microscopes by Leica (Photo: Leica)

WETZLAR. Leica Microsystems is presenting new technologies in confocal and stereomicroscopy for ultra-high resolutions from macro to nano at the Analytica 2008.

One of the highlights is the super-zoom 3D confocal system Leica TCS LSI. Its automated zoom allows seamless change from overview to detail with free 3D navigation through the sample – from embryo to cell, from cell to genome. For the first time it is now possible, for example, to identify influences of genetic defects on the living model organism, or to study in vivo the development from a cell to the entire organism in every detail. Combining high confocal resolution with a large field of view of up to 16 mm, the Leica TCS LSI enables in vivo imaging of large samples.

Thanks to the new zoom concept, every part of the sample can be selected without having to change the objective. The continuous and parallax-free adjustment of the magnification is achieved with the apochromatic Leica Z16 APO A 16:1 Super-Zoom optics that offer a dynamic magnification of 0.57x to 9.2x. The Leica Z6 APO A 6:1 cover a range of 0.57x to 3.6x. 4D experiments run fully automatically with the Advanced Time Lapse software, enabling easy protein interaction analysis or drug influence testing, etc. without touching the imaging system during the experiment.