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Leica Microsystems Launches Branding Campaign

Logo of the campaign (Photo: Leica)

WETZLAR. “With the user, for the user”. This saying of Ernst Leitz I, who introduced industrial production in his optics company in Wetzlar over a hundred years ago, is still a motto of the successor company Leica Microsystems today.

On the basis of this claim, which today more than ever is the key to the market success of Leica Microsystems’ innovations, the company is launching a new branding campaign.

The new campaign is based on five values for which the company would like to be recognized; values which have evolved during the company’s long tradition and yet at the same time look towards the future: Pioneering, High-end Quality, Team Spirit, Dedication to Science, and Continuous Improvement are the quintessence of the company while also indicating the company’s ambitious self-obligation. They also reflect Leica Microsystems’ vision of positioning itself as market leader. “These five values connect us with life,” explains Dr. David Martyr, President Leica Microsystems, at the start of the campaign. “By aspiring to act in accordance with these values, we fulfill the mission of Leica Microsystems, which is to fulfill and regularly exceed the expectations and needs of our customers. We will express this self-obligation in our new slogan: ‘Living up to Life’.”

The redefinition of these corporate values and the new slogan ‘Living up to Life’ apply to the whole company and have been carefully researched and selected based on customer feedback as well as positive influences from our ownership change and recent acquisitions. To be used worldwide on all marketing material, the new slogan will replace the numerous phrases used in recent years with the intention to reinforce the communication of these newly defined brand values.