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Leica Microsystems Combines FusionOpticsTM with TripleBeamTM

Microscope by Leica (Photo: Leica)

WETZLAR. The Leica M205 FA and M165 FC stereomicroscopes are Leica Microsystems‘ latest addition to its innovative M series for demanding fluorescence applications in developmental, molecular and cellular biology.

Combining the revolutionary FusionOptics™ technology with the successful TripleBeam™ principle, the fully automated Leica M205 FA creates fluorescence images of exceptional quality. Used for the first time in the M series, FusionOptics™ (patent pending) takes advantage of a neurological phenomenon: The left beam path produces great depth of field, while the right beam path provides a high-resolution image.

The human brain itself then combines the best information from both channels, using it to compose an image whose resolution and depth of field have never been achieved in any stereomicroscope before.
With its fully apochromatic optics, the largest zoom range on the market (20.5:1) and the top resolution performance of up to 1050 lp/mm, the Leica M205 FA is able to show the viewer details that used to be invisible.

The TripleBeam™ principle, with its patented third beam path reserved exclusively for fluorescence illumination, delivers evenly illuminated, reflex-free fields of view at all zoom settings. Besides this, the FluoCombi III™ objective revolver features the unique capability to exploit all the advantages of both stereo and high-resolution micro-objectives on one instrument with a simple switch. It enables parallaxfree imaging from overview magnification to the finest detail. Time-intensive studies of living organisms and documentation of complex images series and multifluorescence images are made possible and instantly reproducible by motorizing focus, zoom, filter changer, iris diaphragm fluorescence intensity manager and microscope stage.

An external SmartTouchTM control unit ensures convenient control of all microscope functions using a clearly arranged touch display and freely programmable control buttons. The microscope is fully integrated in the modular software solutions Leica AF6000 E to AF6000. For documentation, image overlay and time series, the Leica AF6000 E is recommended as an introductory software package. This can be upgraded to the Leica AF6000 as necessary to suit applications ranging from multi-channel fluorescence, time and z series with parallax correction to 3D reconstruction.

The Leica M165 FC continues the tradition of high-quality manual fluorescence stereomicroscopes. With this microscope, the classical stereo-optics approach has been exploited to the utmost optical limits. The fully apochromatically corrected 16.5:1 zoom – combined with TripleBeam™ and FluoCombi III™ – guarantees high-contrast fluorescence images down to the finest structures of the specimen. Encoded zoom, iris diaphragm and objective revolver allow configuration parameters and optical data to be reproducibly read out at the computer.