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REKA Health Pte. Ltd.

Launch of REKA Cloud 2.0

We are pleased to announce that the REKA Cloud 2.0 portal will be launched on 18th November 2013. The upgraded portal includes many new features and enhancements which are based on our customers’ feedback.

The new features of REKA Cloud 2.0 include:

More User-Friendly Interface
REKA Cloud now provides a summary view of patients’ medical reports to give healthcare providers a quick understanding of their patients’ medical conditions. A dashboard view of all important information is also available at a simple click.

Enhanced Personal Health Records
Patients can now provide more medical information about themselves, such as their symptoms and medications. This will enable their healthcare professionals to be better equipped to deliver round-the-clock care and monitoring of their patients.

Increased Flexibility of ECG Reports
The new report format provides a summary view of all events for quick review, while also offering users the flexibility to print selected records and segments of their ECG recordings.

Scalable System
REKA Cloud is now capable of integrating more devices, allowing the capture of multiple health parameters (including patients’ ECG and blood pressure). This enables healthcare providers to perform comprehensive monitoring of patients’ vital signs.

With these new features, the overall user experience has definitely been enhanced. The following quote by Tan Kae Yuan, our Chief Technological Officer, sums up the significance of the REKA Cloud 2.0.

“The REKA Cloud 2.0 is a major milestone made by the company. The upgraded site will give high quality user experience and comprehensive tool from web-based diagnosis to reporting. It is also poised to provide a multi-parameter reporting solution that is ideal for corporate wellness program players."

If you are interested to find out more about REKA Cloud 2.0 and our other products, you are welcome to visit us at our stand during Medica 2013. We look forward to meeting you.