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Precision Dippings Ltd.

Launch of Bloccs Waterproof Protectors for Casts and Dressings

A new range of waterproof coverings has been launched under the brand name Bloccs, manufactured by Precision Dippings Ltd.
Bloccs provides a range of waterproof covers for casts and dressings which guarantee waterproof protection, giving the patient confidence to bath and shower during their recovery. Bloccs can also be used at a beach or in a swimming pool, allowing patients to carry on their day-to-day lives without interruption.
The protectors are fully watertight and completely submergible. Made from soft and flexible rubber, they are easy to use. Apart from the primary target market of people with plaster casts for fractures, Bloccs can be used for protect dressings for burns, leg ulcers and other wounds.
Bloccs are available direct to patients online and to pharmacy, orthopaedic or rehabilitation outlets.
Available in adult and children's sizes Bloccs are packaged in bright, contemporary boxes, colour- coded to clearly differentiate between adult and children's sizes.
A full support package is available, including a new website and point of sale package to build both consumer and clinician awareness.
The manufacturer, Precision Dippings Marketing Ltd was established in 1964 to supply specialised rubber dipped products. The Company has a long history of providing a manufacturing service for specialised medical and industrial rubber products.
Precision Dippings Marketing Ltd has achieved registration to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. The quality system includes documented procedures, traceability of product and regular auditing.