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Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd.

Latest Digital Microscope Technology to Benefit Medical Fraternity

Hisaka (Singapore) Pte Ltd (HISAKA) has signed a licensing agreement with Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL), for the innovative Digital Stereo Microscope (DSM) technology used in microsurgery. Under the agreement, HISAKA is committed to manufacture, distribute and market the DSM system worldwide.

The project was conceived by Professor Lim Beng Hai from the National University of Singapore Hospital (NUSH) and James Rappel from the National University of Singapore’s Robotics and Control Group under the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The clinician-researcher collaboration was funded by A*STAR and ETPL with the aim to develop a prototype for microsurgical applications.

Unlike existing display technologies which require surgeons to fix their eyes on microscope eyepieces for long periods of time, the DSM system consists of a digital touch-screen panel with a large field of view and intuitive touch-screen controls which reduces exertion and stress on the surgeon. The design of the DSM maintains the hands and display panel in line of sight of the surgeon which facilitates better hand-eye coordination. With these benefits, the Digital Stereo Microscope (DSM) aims to replace the current surgical microscope used in microsurgeries.

Furthermore, as the DSM is projected to be more cost-effective than conventional microscopes, it could also be used as a teaching or educational aid to benefit the medical fraternity.