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Laser protection for Tattoo removal

Brand new plastic filter for medical applications

Especially for medical treatments LASERVISION developed a brand new plastic filter. The new filter P1010 is perfect for medical DYE – lasers with wavelength from 585nm up to 605nm. For medical treatments like tattoo removal or acne therapy heavy glass goggles are often more disturbing than helpful. The P1010 from LASERVISION is a very lightweight plastic solution.

Despite the P1010 has only 15% VLT easy work without an added illumination is possible. Due to the blue colour from the filter P1010 the colour from the skin could be seen even more intensive than without a spectacle.

The new filter P1010 is available in the well know spectacle LAMBDA ONE and SKYLINE. The SKYLINE frame from LASERVISION is a good solution for users with corrective glasses.

On top of that LASERVISION will present the new filter P1010 in the brand new spectacle DYNA GUARD which is also a perfect solution for wearers of corrective glasses.

For further information and technical details contact LASERVISION.

LASERVISION, as a leading manufacturer of laser protection products, develops, manufactures, services and distributes CE certified laser safety goggles, curtains, small filters and cabin windows made of many different plastics and mineral glasses certified according to EN 207/208. Most of the standard products are additionally DIN GS tested and certified.