Laboratory medicine and point-of-care diagnostics at MEDICA 2015 -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Laboratory medicine and point-of-care diagnostics at MEDICA 2015

We collected some impressions of laboratory medicine and point-of-care diagnostics at MEDICA 2015. In the halls 1 to 3 you can find everything related to the themes laboratory medicine and diagnostics.

Photo: GynTect; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
Oncgnostic GmbH presents at MEDICA the product GynTec for the first time. "We talk about an epigenetic biomarker for reliable cervical cancer diagnostics," explains Martina Schmitz. "With the help of this test invasive operatives can be avoided. MEDICA trade fair is the perfect place to talk to doctors and laboratories."
Photo: Modular Oscillating System; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
Soltec S.r.l. come to MEDICA trade fair since 2003 and it is the only trade fair where they exhibit. Stefano Guidi shows the Modular Oscillating System. Up and down moving baskets provide a better cleaning in the ultrasonic bath. "We appreciate the perfect organization of the MEDICA," says Stefano Guidi.
Photo: Microscope iScope; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
Dennis van Baaren and Xavier Puig present the microscope iScope from euromex microscopes holland. "This microscope has a sensor, it switches off automatically. We also have developed a special system for the cables and a handle," explains Xavier Puig. "MEDICA trade fair is a great meeting point and the best place to launch new products," says Dennis van Baaren.
Photo: BM-200 Auto Chemistry Analyzer; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
One of the products of BioMaxima S.A. from Poland is the BM-200 Auto Chemistry Analyzer. "It is an analyzer for clinical chemistry and it has a very good precision of determinations," explains Krzysztof Pawluk. It is mainly used by small and medium laboratories. "It is our third time at MEDICA trade fair and we meet our customers and suppliers here."
Photo: Detector; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
"The MEDICA trade fair is the best trade show in medical diagnostic, that is why we are here for the fourth time." OJ-Bio Ltd. presents a rapid diagnostic testing for flu, CRP, HIV. The detector is small and wireless. It transmits data to a smart phone and can then be provided to a network for further use.
Photo: DRG Hybrid XL; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
One of the long-standing exhibitors of the MEDICA trade fair – since 35 years – is DRG Instruments GmbH. Julia Räder presents the DRG Hybrid XL, an automated random access analyzer for immunoassays and clinical chemistry. "The Hybrid XL provides great application possibilities for smaller samples and gained the German Design Award in 2015," explains Julia Räder.
Photo: Nutri Smart; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
DST Diagnostische Systeme und Technologien GmbH presents the world´s first food intolerance rapid test which is able to test 40 parameters without any instruments. "With a drop of blood from a finger Nutri Smart can test the reactions to 57 different foods. The shell has been patented by our company," explains Marc Dangers. "We come to MEDICA trade fair for 10 years and you can find us always at the same place. This is great for our customers!"
Photo: medical GmbH & Co. KG; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
Color up your lab is the message of Kugel medical GmbH & Co. KG with their colored laboratory furniture. "The employees should feel comfortable at their workplace," explains Robert Karl. "At the MEDICA trade fair we get feedback from the market and we hold good talks. We hope the high standard will stay."
Photo: Deki Reader; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
The Deki Reader reads out rapid tests for malaria, ebola, etc. and applies an image analysis algorithm. Error rates can be reduced with this system. With the data portal Fionet the data can be controlled and processed afterwards. "This is our first time at MEDICA trade fair," says Tom Bleiziffer. "We are here to build partnerships and find technology partners."
Photo: Accumax Electronic Pipette; Copyright: beta-web/Spelleken
Accumax Lab Technology from India presents the Accumax Electronic Pipette. "This instrument is for liquid handling," explains Sachin Tandel. "You can transport liquid samples that can be used in molecular biology or clinical diagnostic." Accumax Lab Technology comes to MEDICA trade fare for more than ten years. "We appreciate the good quality of visitors and get good business form MEDICA."