Lab M Limited

Lab M Grows its Range of ISO Media for Staphylococci

As food industry laboratories increasingly move to ISO-specified culture media, Lab M continues to deliver the formulations that support this requirement. The introduction of Modified Giolitti and Cantoni Broth (ISO) now extends Lab M’s range of ISO media for the isolation and culture of staphylococci, and in particular provides a perfect complement to the company’s Baird-Parker Medium (ISO).

Used for the enumeration of staphylococci, Modified Giolitti and Cantoni Broth (ISO) complies with the requirements of ISO 6888-3:2000 and is recommended for products where organisms are likely to be stressed or present only in low numbers. This includes dried foods such as baby milk and weaning products.

When it comes to isolating staphylococci, Lab M’s Baird-Parker Medium Base (ISO) supports users in meeting the various requirements of the ISO standard, enabling supplementation with either Egg Yolk Tellurite or Rabbit Plasma Fibrinogen, according to individual laboratory protocols. www.labm.com