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77 Elektronika

LabUMat & Urised - Complete Urine Analyzer System

LabUMat - UriSed

The interfaced LabUMat and UriSed complete urine analyzer system was introduced at the MEDICA exhibition in Dusseldorf and has since drawn the utmost attention of our numerous visitors. This complex solution for urine analysis – featuring a precisely developed cooperation between a urine chemistry analyzer and a urine sediment analyzer - is now uniquely available from one manufacturer.

77 Elektronika has established a brand new scientific approach of automated urine sediment analysis, which has positioned UriSed a few steps ahead of its competitors. Laboratory professionals are mainly impressed by the sharp, high power field images that UriSed can provide directly from the urine sediment. These images have exactly the same appearance as they had been taken with a laboratory microscope, therefore they can be easily understood by laboratory staff as well. By preparing urine samples according to a reproducible method, deviation of the results is minimized. Besides providing stand alone features, UriSed can deal with the workload of a big laboratory, as it is able to evaluate urine samples with an 80 sample/hour throughput. However, UriSed is not only efficient but also cost effective as it does not need any expensive reagent for its operation.

LabUMat has been developed for chemical analysis, for the detection of 11 parameters presence in urine. Based on the result of the chemical analysis, it is possible that only some of the samples (e.g. the positive ones) are analyzed by UriSed. Results of both analyzers are stored in one database, making it possible to access each patient’s data easily.
LabUMat and UriSed together form an effective and reliable solution for complete urine analysis.