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HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

LED HQ - Now in HEINE Quality

HEINE launches a new series of LED diagnostic instruments and defi nes a new standard for premium LED-Technology – in HEINE Quality.

HEINE Optotechnik is a developer, manufacturer and the world’s largest exporter of hand-held, primary diagnostic instruments. Founded over 65 years ago in Germany, HEINE has been setting the standard for high quality medical diagnostic instruments in terms of Durability, Performance, Function, and Safety for over six decades. A core competency at HEINE has always been the engineering of precision optical systems which are integrated in our medical diagnostic instruments to deliver the ideal illumination and provide for the best diagnosis in any given application. That has been our philosophy – to provide the absolute best diagnostic image. And it is a point on whichwe have never made and will never make any compromises.

One of the most critical factors in assessing an optical illumination system in a medical diagnostic instrument is its ability to show colours as they actually are. That red appears red, that blue appears blue, and so on. To achieve this quality, an accurate colour temperature as well as a natural composition of the colour spectrum is crucial.

Oliver Heine, President and CEO, HEINE Optotechnik: We have discussed the application of LED Illumination in our instruments with our partners and customers often over the course of the last few years. Our philosophy has always been to support the technology that provides the best image for the speci c diagnostic application every HEINE instrument is designed for. Until recently, for all critical areas where a high Colour Rendering Index across the entire Colour Spectrum was crucial, the HEINE XHL Xenon-Halogen-Technology has clearly been the best technology. Also until recently, LED-Technology simply has not met our exacting standards for many diagnostic applications. Until now!

LED-Technology is developing rapidly, and our engineers have been able to optimize the newest generations of LEDs to meet our exacting standards regarding Colour temperature and Colour Rendering Index for a number of diagnostic applications. At the same time, our engineers have solved a series of technical challenges to properly integrate this technology in the respective HEINE medical diagnostic instruments. Advanced microprocessor technology with on-board firmware controls the LED and associated electronics.

The result is what you expect from HEINE – instruments that meet the exacting HEINE Quality Standard, providing bright, absolutely homogenous illumination, optimal Colour Temperature, exceptional Colour Rendering Index performance, with precise brightness control over the entire range of illumination where needed. Reds stay red. Blues stay blue. For an absolutely reliable and accurate diagnosis.

We simply call it LED HQ – LED now in HEINE Quality!