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LED Fluorescence Microscopy for Malaria Detection

LED fluorescence microscopy for malaria diagnosis
Woodley Lab Diagnostics are committed to reviewing the latest Scientific Papers released regarding Malaria and TB Diagnostics.

In July 2011, Lenz, et al (2011) produced a Scientific Paper entitled: Assessment of LED fluorescence microscopy for the diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum infections in Gabon. The study was published in the Malaria Journal on 18th July 2011*

"LED fluorescence microscopy is a reliable, accurate, fast and inexpensive tool for daily routine malaria diagnosis and may be used as a point of care diagnostic tool"

The QBC ParaLens Advance Fluorescence Microscopy System is the ideal system to provide LED fluorescence microscopy for malaria detection.

The QBC ParaLens Advance has the ability to transform any light microscope into an LED fluorescent microscope at a fraction of the cost. When combined with the QBC Malaria Diagnostic Kits this system becomes a powerful tool in the battle to combat Malaria.

The QBC ParaLens Advance is highly portable and can be attached to any light microscope - it is even available with a portability kit which includes a solar cell battery, USB chargers and 12V battery adapters so it can be used in remote locations. It provides a more cost effective and more portable option compared to standard fluorescent microscope, when LED fluorescence microscopy is required.

The QBC Malaria Diagnostic Kits are specialised tubes that are used to collect the pateints blood and are lined with Acridine orange which binds to the malaria parasites making them easier to detect. Once these tubes have been centrifuged at high speed the malaria parasites are concentrated in a single layer in the tube, making it easier to detect a low parasitemia. Up to 18% more positives are reported by QBC than the conventional Thick Film method.

Various kits and packages are available from Woodley Lab Diagnostics (QBC Europe) for the detection of malaria, TB and other blood borne parasites.

*Lenz, D., Kremsner, P.G., Lell, B., Biallas, B., Boettcher, M., Mordmuller, B. and Adegnika, A.A. Assessment of LED fluorescence microscopy for the diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum infections in Gabon. Malaria Journal 2011, 10.194.