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LAURA XL Sediment

LAURA XL Sediment is based on principle of automatic microscopy. After homogenization, sample dosing into the cuvette and collection of elements on the bottom of cuvette is 15 images acquired for each urine sample. Centrifugation is not carried out – a native urine is used. Evaluation of images is based on the principle of neural networks. Automated analyser of urine sediment LAURA XL Sediment allows the determination of the following elements: white blood cells (WBC), red blood cells (RBC), epithelial cells (squamous – SQE, others – NSQE), casts (CAST), crystals (CRY – oxalate (CaOx), triple phosphate (TRI), uric acid (UA)), bacteria (BACT), yeast (YST), mucus (MUC) and sperm (SPRM). A special category is called as unclassified elements – for example deformed elements, but the user can identify them individually.

Measurement principle: automatic microscopy
Evaluation principle: neural networks
Number of photos: 15/sample
Measurement capacity: 60 measurements/hour
Capacity of memory: 1000 measurements
Dosing: pipettor