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Kibion AB

Kibion AB acquires Wagner Analysen Technik

Kibion AB acquires the German company Wagner Analysen Technik GmbH (WAT). WAT is a leadingmanufacturer of instruments for diagnostic breath tests. The acquisition turns Kibion into a more complete solutions provider of tests and instruments with a leading position in diagnostic breath tests. The IRIS instruments from WAT are recognised for their high precision, good reliability and ease of use. WAT is currently represented with its products in over 60 markets world-wide.
Through the acquisition of WAT, Kibion will grow into a larger and more independent company. With a broader focus in both current and new markets, it will place Kibion in a leading position and enable the company to strengthen its potential for further growth. The acqusition will generate clear advantages for current and new customers, as well as for distributors of Kibion and WAT through the extension of products and the aspirations to further develop new breath tests.