Keyboards - a paradise for germs: New product range from GETT Gerätetechnik protects patients and staff -- MEDICA Trade Fair


GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH

Keyboards - a paradise for germs: New product range from GETT Gerätetechnik protects patients and staff


Keyboards and mice provide the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria and are therefore a potential source of danger in the health sector. A new product range from GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH, which is available at, helps medical centres to maintain a strict hygiene policy. The spectrum ranges from washable keyboards for offices to waterproof and antimicrobial professional keyboards for operating theatres.

There are different standards for each working environment in the medical sector. GETT has adapted and classified its range of items for these needs. The products in the BASIC series, for example, improve hygiene levels at traditional PC workstations. A large number of germs gather on objects in permanent use like keyboards. This risk doubles at sites accessible to the public like doctors’ surgeries, hotels, information points or open-plan offices. It is easy to rinse the GETT keyboards – without any restrictions on their normal ease of use.

The ADVANCED series is effective in environments with enhanced hygienic requirements. The devices have an enclosed silicone frame, which is impervious to dust and water, and this enables users to completely clean and disinfect the units. As a result, bacteria and germs can no longer cling to the surface. The product line offers a wide range of options and functions and all the devices have a long service life.

Environments with critical hygiene requirements like operating theatres or food laboratories are typical sites for using devices in the PROFESSIONAL range. The goal is to ensure complete protection against infections and prevent any risk of hospital-acquired diseases. The design of the keyboards and mice enables users to clean and disinfect them intensively and completely at any time. The workmanship ensures that the functions are fully available and very reliable. All the technical features also meet the standards required in this sector.