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Karolinska University Hospital with advanced Molecular Imaging technology

Siemens Biograph 64 PET•CT System Enables Physicians to Provide Earlier, More Precise Diagnoses and Treatments of Disease

The Karolinska University Hospital and Institute in Sweden has become the first facility in Europe to offer its patients the Biograph 64 with TruePoint PET•CT technology. It is an advanced imaging system that provides physicians greater speed and precision to help them detect cancer, heart disease and other diseases in their earliest forms and provide personalized treatment to patients. The Biograph 64 developed by Siemens Medical Solutions incorporates leading-edge positron emission tomography (PET) technology with the fastest 64-slice computed tomography (CT) system and enables physicians to obtain more detailed information in a single, non-invasive procedure than is possible through separate procedures. Patients began to be scanned by the system on May 12th.

One of the first TruePoint PET•CT systems to be implemented, Siemens Biograph 64 hybrid PET•CT system is enabling physicians at Karolinska University Hospital to make diagnoses with pinpoint accuracy by providing complete information about the exact location, size, metabolic type and extent of disease, anywhere in the body. Its advanced PET technology enables physicians to detect the biochemical changes in patients’ organs and tissues that precede physical changes, while the integration of 64-slice technology places this information in precise anatomical context not previously obtainable without invasive procedures.

“With Biograph 64 we are able to see disease at the molecular level within patients, while providing the rich anatomical detail that allows us to contextualize that information to detect, treat and monitor disease with greater precision,” said Professor Stig A. Larsson, Head of Nuclear Medicine at Karolinska University Hospital. “It’s that detailed information that enables us to make earlier, more authoritative diagnoses helping the oncologists in their treatment decisions that are individualized for patients and ultimately achieve better outcomes for our patients.”

“Coupled with the world-renowned expertise at Karolinska University Hospital and Institute, the Biograph 64 demonstrates how Siemens’ innovations in molecular imaging are changing the way physicians detect and manage disease, especially in the area of oncology,” said Michael Reitermann, president, Molecular Imaging Division, Siemens Medical Solutions. “The Biograph 64 offers physicians a whole new level of detail that enables them to treat the patient, not just the disease.”

Karolinska’s physicians expect that Biograph 64 will help them to pinpoint the exact size and location of cancers, which may not have been detectable through other imaging procedures. This allows physicians to intervene early when the cancer is most treatable and provide targeted patient treatment, such as radiation therapy planning (RTP), to precisely target tumors without damaging healthy tissue. The specificity of the system provides helps physicians to accurately gauge how patients are responding to treatments such as chemotherapy, enabling unsuccessful treatments to be modified.

“This advanced PET•CT technology holds significant benefits for patients screened and treated for cancer,” said Hans Jacobsson, M.D., nuclear medicine physician at Karolinska University Hospital. “With single non-invasive procedure, we can more precisely localize and stage cancer, identify appropriate therapies for the patient, determine if cancer has spread and quickly assess whether the patient is responding to treatment.”

Karolinska University Hospital and Institute is one of Europe's largest medical universities. It is also Sweden’s largest centre for medical training and research, accounting for 30 percent of the medical training and 40 percent of the medical academic research that is conducted nationwide. Karolinska Institute’s mission is to improve the health of mankind through research, education and information.

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