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Kaivogen and Labrox introduce Upcon™ offering superior sensitivity for LF assays

Kaivogen Oy and Labrox Oy, two Finnish life science companies, introduce Upcon™ Upconverting nanoparticle system featuring a new addition to the reader-family designed especially for lateral flow applications. The revolutionary technology enables lateral flow assays with ELISA sensitivity.

"This kind of sensitivity has previously been out of reach for the researchers and clinicians working in the diagnostics field" says Ida Erling, Managing Director of Labrox Oy. With Upcon technology, it's possible to perform high-sensitivity assays on site without the need to send the samples to a distant laboratory. This has enormous advantages in emergancy situations where reliable results are needed quickly. In addition, the concept can be used for the rapid detection of for example infectious diseases, which pose a great challenge especially in developing countries.

Novel detection technology for low-s-ms). All these characteristics make the technology very compelling for numerous applications from quantitative lateral flow assays to imaging. UCNPs are also applicable to bioaffinity assays, sensors, and even therapy. The simple, small, and robust instrumentation makes the technology weel suited for point-of-care applications.

Comprehensive system for life science companies and academic research groups

Photon upconversion is a novel detection technology that has raised much enthusiasm among researchers during recent years and proofs-of-concept have been published for numerous applications and analytes. Wider use of the technology has previously been limited by the lack of commercial detection instrumentation and suppliers of upconverting nanomaterial. The Upcon concept solves this by providing both the UCNP particles and dedicated readers that can be used with microplates as well as with lateral flow strips. "The concept is always tailored according to the needs of the customer. In essence, Upcon offers high sensitivity and great performance where it is needed" says Veikko Wahlroos, Head of Marketing of Kaivogen Oy.

About Kaivogen Oy and Labrox Oy

Upcon™ upconverting nanoparticle system is a joint venture by two life science companies operating at Turku Science Park, Finland. The reader has been developed by Labrox Oy and the chemistry by Kaivogen Oy. Kaivogen produces components for immunoassays, from coated microplates to labels needed for detection. The company was founded in 2007. Labrox develops multi-mode readers used with microplates and produces custom components for e.g. POC devices. The company has operated since 2011. The two companies are in search of retailers and partners, especially in the field of rapid diagnostics.

For more information visit www.upcon.fi or contact Jarkko Karvinen (jarkko.karvinen@kaivogen.fi, +358-40-5664852) or Ida Erling (ida.erling@labrox.fi, +358-50-3723080).