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KW APPARECCHI SCIENTIFICI is glad to introduce its new THAWER WPFD


Medical Device ready for quality management (GMP) of blood transfusion and hematology

W-PFD is a completely innovative device, both in the materials and in the way it works. In fact this equipment has obtained a patent for its new and original way to thaw the plasma bags and cell stem bags.

Now, after the last upgrades, this equipment has received a clinical validation as stem cell thawer and infusion solutions warmer, KW suggests, above all, its use for stem cell thawing process, because

- The recovery of CD34+ cells is better than the traditional process in use
- Security about the manipulation CSE is better
- Traceability of the operation is complete and available on the hospital Network

With its use it is possible to trace every step of the process, thanks to the bar code reader and the integrated software. This device can recognize the operator, the type of bag to defrost and the donor.

Through the electronic control unit with touch screen it is possible to transfer the information in the user’s local network or file all the defrosting plan data on SD cards.

Unlike other appliances on the market, which only measure the temperature of the bath, the KW Thawer, which has several sensors in each pocket, continuously keeps the temperature of each bag under control, ensuring:

• Direct selection of plasma or cell stem or blood or ….
• Visual check of conserves during thawing cycle
• Menu controlled user guidance

• Total traceability of everything that has occurred during thawing.

• Total connectivity with the laboratory network and easy printing of thermal cycle diagram with all the data

• Automatic validation of the entire thawing process

• Optical and acoustic permanent signal after heating duration is complete

• Clear and unambiguous visualization of dirt and blood residue through light surfaces on device
• No germ discharge from device into the atmosphere due to circulated air

• Easy wipe disinfection due to smooth surfaces and rounded corners

• Perfect homogeneity of the plasma defrosted with Hydro_pump_massage® i.e. the machine can subject the bag to a hydromassage treatment, so that at the end of thawing the plasma is homogenized reaching a better quality.

• Very fast thawing cycle

• Asynchronous thawing of several units of fresh frozen plasma or of several units of stem cells; the thawer is fitted with different independent heating units, so it is possible to activate the heating processes asynchronously and in a fully independent way: this is unique !
• Very high productivity. No stoppage of laboratory activity, except for exceptional events. Should any problems arise in a defrosting pocket, or if a bag breaks, the contents would in any case remain inside the pocket without contaminating the heating fluid. The pocket can easily be removed, washed under running water and then refitted without stopping the heating process of the other pockets.

New features compared with state of the art
• The plasma bag does not directly contact the thermostatic bath, therefore it remains completely dry and protected against contamination.

• The pocket material is guaranteed to remain intact even after repeated insertions of the frozen bag, which might have cutting edges.

• The temperature sensors inside the pocket allow recording the trend of the heating process for each bag.

• The machine version with three trays allows the fully independent and asynchronous activation of 3 heating processes.

• Alarm in the case of plasma bag breakage  leaks check to prevent contamination and infection for personnel and patient

• The temperature of the thermostatic bath can be higher than the final temperature required for the plasma bag, as the temperature sensors in contact with the bag indicate that heating has taken place to the set temperature and the control system interrupts the process emptying the tray in just seconds. This way the process time can be reduced.

• It is possible to activate the function for massaging the bag and homogenizing the plasma by quickly filling and emptying the operating tray of the individual defrosting pocket.

Models and specifications
Model Defrosting capacity Dimensions lxdxh (mm) Net weight Water load
WPFD 3/6
(3 pockets) Up to 3, 1000ml bags o fino a 6 or up t or 6, 460 ml bags 516x600x562 30 Kg 30 lt
WPFD 1/2
(1 pocket) 1, 1000 ml bag or 2,
460 ml bags 540x370x562 20 Kg 11 lt
WSCFD 1/2 1 stem cell bag of
varying capacity 243x314x442 8 Kg 6 lt

Specifications shared by models WPFD-WSCFD
Power supply 230 Vac-50 Hz 800W
Adjustment range Up to +42°C
Interface Bar code scanner, USB, SIM rd,
SD card, outside PT100 sensor,
Ethernet port (also Wi-Fi)