KSG is testing new steriliser at MEDICA -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


KSG Sterilisatoren GmbH

KSG is testing new steriliser at MEDICA

KSG Sterilisatoren presents the new 116-3 steriliser, which shall be tested at MEDICA to get a feedback from medical technology’s experts.

The development has not finished yet”, Ralph Schürken technique distributor, explains. In the previous model, the control element was integrated, now it is affixed at the right side. “We ask the visitors to find out what they like better”, Schürken says, “because some – among them my colleagues, too, say they prefer the version with the integrated control element and some say they don’t.

The 116-3 steriliser offers:

  • automatic filling of steam generator

  • Gas removal of feeding water

  • Improved steam distribution in the chamber

  • Internal digital process recording

  • External digital process recording

  • Process alteration by user

  • Ion exchanger integratale

  • User friendly operation

For further information, please have a look at: www.ksg-sterilisatoren.de .