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KOB Presents Bandages and Woven Fabrics for the Growing Sports Market

People are increasingly health-conscious and more and more of them remain physically active and sporty until quite late in their life. This leads to a greater demand for effective, wearer-friendly medical textiles that help maintain people's freedom of movement, quality of life and ability to perform.

At the MEDICA 2013, which will take place in Dusseldorf from 20 to 23 November, KOB will therefore present its bandages and woven fabrics in a sports-inspired context at its F18 stand in hall 6. After all, an OEM manufacturer such as KOB needs to turn social developments and their impact on the market place into concrete solutions for its customers to ensure that they respond to these changing requirements adequately and in good time and can use the developments for their own business dynamics and entrepreneurial success.

Under the motto "Motion in Mind" KOB will show compression, support and fixation solutions as well as woven fabrics for wound management.

For compression therapy KOB offers individual bandages as well as multi-layer concepts. They provide the best possible wearing comfort and are designed in such a way that they can easily be integrated into everyday activities; they do not restrict the patient's freedom of movement and do not prevent him from pursuing his preferred sport.

Support bandages from KOB are ideally suited to prevent injuries during sport and leisure activities. They offer the best possible protection as well as great stability even under intense strain.

The extensive range includes support bandages in many different widths and lengths. Narrow widths for example are ideally suited to bandage fingers whilst larger widths are used to prevent joint injuries in arms or legs. Due to different material compositions, for example, the surfaces can either be very absorbent or water-repellent. In addition, there are tearable versions that can be applied easily and quickly in a sports environment.

As a response to fashion-conscious sports men and women, KOB offers support bandages in many different colours.

Support bandages from KOB also lend themselves to the treatment of blunt injuries such as bruises, pulled muscles and torn ligaments. They are ideal to relieve the strain on and immobilise joints and they alleviate the pain. Furthermore, due to their elasticity they are easy to apply and offer consistently high wearing comfort even on extremities that are under great strain.

Small injuries are no rare occurrence in sport. Plasters provide speedy and adequate treatment. They prevent inflammations, boost the healing process and can, in the best possible scenario, cope with every day-to-day situation. KOB offers the right fabric with the right finish for every case: from highly elastic to water-proof and non-adherent fabrics.

Apart from an extensive range of specialist medical textiles that are produced in the best possible quality and with sophisticated technology, KOB stands for an inspiring partnership and cooperation with development partners and customers leading to innovative, patient-orientated solutions. The best conditions to successfully service a dynamic market.