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Seegene, Inc.

KBS Hidden Champion: “The rising star in the world’s bio-industry, Seegene”

Seegene was  introduced by the KBS television program, “Hidden Champion” (Wednesdays 10:50 PM) on May 22 2013 as ‘the rising star of the world’s bio-industry’.This program introduces companies not well known to the public that are pioneering in global markets by exporting to advocate true entrepreneurship and create job opportunities.

Seegene was chosen as Korea’s ‘Hidden Champion’, and as a leader of the global market because it has developed a high standard molecular diagnostic technology, has invented various molecular diagnostic products through this technology, and has exported 75% of its sales to countries in Northern America, Europe, and Asia.

Seegene is evaluated as a company that increased the efficiency of molecular diagnostics tests by developing the real-time multiplex PCR, overcoming former limitations and enabling the evaluation of dozens of pathogens simultaneously while keeping high accuracy. Furthermore, by decreasing the cost and time of testing, the multiplex real-time PCR technology expanded the availability of the benefits of molecular diagnostic testing to more people. This television program will also be an opportunity for the general public to learn more about the somewhat unfamiliar molecular diagnostic technology.

Also, the program will be showing the history of the company starting from its establishment to development and the growth. It will also include feedback from various overseas hospitals and test laboratories using Seegene’s molecular diagnostic technologies. The program was filmed abroad for 11 days to fully show Seegene’s overseas active part, touring major European countries and the United States. Fortunately, the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology andInfectious Diseases (ECCMID) was also held during that time, and the crew was able to film scenes of Seegene’s exhibition booth and the exhibition agent’s activities at ECCMID.

Additionally, the process of how the technologies is applied as products, used by the Neodin Medical Institute, which entered in a business collaboration with Seegene this March, and is linked to 3,000 hospitals all around South Korea will be introduced within the program. Although Seegene has been focusing on well facilitated university hospitals, constructing a tight network as a supplier, it has been struggling in connecting with smaller hospitals. However, with the help of the Neodin Medical Institute, accurate molecular diagnostic tests are now available to private hospitals. Seegene is planning to announce this advancement through Hidden Champion as well.