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K5 by COSMED - A breakthrough in wearable metabolic technology

COSMED introduces the 4th generation of the World’s best selling metabolic system for field and laboratory testing, a stepping stone in the field of exercise physiology and human performance. More than 25 years have been passed since COSMED introduced the first generation of compact metabolic systems. During this time a significant number of feedbacks and ideas have been collected directly from the most important institutions around the world.
The result of such an experience has been carefully implemented in a complete new piece of technology incorporating latest design and providing researchers, sport professionals and clinical users new limits in exploring human exercise physiology.
The K5 is the most innovative and versatile metabolic system ever created. It features a list of new and unique characteristics that expand the scope of metabolic testing in different application fields from human performance assessment to clinical exercise testing.
K5 has been completely redesigned from previous versions in a lighter, more comfortable and simpler to wear/use device, but at the same time an extremely robust system, conceived to resist during heavy field testing (IP54, shock proof and water resistant).
Everything has been done to improve accuracy. K5 introduces the new COSMED patented technology for a dual gas sampling system (IntelliMET) with which users can select before or during the test between a “Mixing Chamber” and “Breath by breath” mode depending on the type of protocol, research or other test factors. Measurement integrity is also managed with the K5 by rapid automatic verification of all hardware components before a test (gas sensors, battery, sampling line, etc.).
Great attention has been given to allow K5 more efficient telemetry data transmission (Bluetooth up to 900m) and seamless wireless integration with more peripherals (SpO2, ECG) or, thanks to Ant+ technology, with third-party sport sensors such as: bike power meters, foot speed, distance sensors, NIRS sensors, etc .
K5 unit also includes 3D motion sensors and GPS to combine metabolic analysis (VO2, VCO2, Ventilation, HR, energy expenditure, etc.) with speed, cadence, stride (length, counts), steps (length, counts) and related parameters.
Combined with OMNIA, the new powerful software designed by COSMED, testing is made simple and beautiful, allowing the user to operate complex equipment without requiring long learning paths.