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Küfner to be Represented in Brazil By End of Year

Paulo Viehmann, representative of Karl Küfner KG in Brazil

Karl Küfner KG will also provide a consultation service for custom filter and screen solutions on the Brazilian market starting December 1, 2011.

Albstadt. As the technology leader for hybrid filter screen solutions, Karl Küfner KG is now placing its expertise at the disposal of Brazilian customers locally as well. The representative office of Paulo Viehmann in Corupá, Santa Catarina looks after all Brazilian Küfner customers and provides a consultation service for interested parties regarding queries and problems relating to filtration.
The high economic stability, sustained strong growth and investor confidence in Brazil make it an attractive market for Küfner. Due to the new products and services that are currently being developed across the country, there are liquids and gases that need to be filtered, e.g. in order to protect devices against soiling or damage or to prepare safe drinking water. The main areas of activity for Küfner are the automotive industry, environmental technology, mechanical engineering, the chemical sector, the health market and the oil and gas industry.

Anyone interested locally should get in touch with the official representative of Karl Küfner KG in Brazil:

Karl Küfner KG
Rua Pref. Willy Germano Gessner, 64
Ano Bom
89278-000 CORUPA - SC / Brazil
Tel. 00 55 47 3375-0606