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AFC Industries, Inc.

Just for the health of it

Healthcare practitioners face a wide range of hazards on the job, including musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s), back injuries, and stress. A big problem is back and neck pain due to awkward postures. Over time, chairs with no adjustment features, workstations that don’t fit the user, or exam tables that force them to bend awkwardly over patients can contribute to MSD’s for the doctor/clinicians in office and clinical settings.

Addressing the ergonomics of the proper office set-up is the Ergo Tier ARC from AFC Industries. A new height adjustable workstation that allows the end-users to set the focal length of the monitors and swing them left or right for viewing in different ergonomic sit-stand or collaboration positions.

This workstation is electronically height adjustable from 28” to 47” from the floor and has independent electronic adjustment of the monitor platform height. The monitors are mounted in an arc shape to provide viewing within the visual reach envelope of the end–user and are manually adjusted using the easy grip handlebars.

Five, 4 inch casters (with two of them locking) provide mobility and stability; grommet holes for wiring and bumper edges that are softly rounded for comfort and safety. The table top is available in various shapes and luxurious colors with widths of 48” up to 96”.