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Jump to the future with Cherto urinalysis system

Unicoms is pleased to introduce Cherto - the latest in home diagnostic! Cherto is a revolutionary urinalysis system, which combines the accuracy of medical lab tests with the latest in mobile technology. It's focused on the customer, listening to his or her issues, and finally meeting those challenges with results. Cherto, which was developed in close association with medical professionals, uses a specially produced urine analysis test strips and combines this with an intuitive app, which works on mobile phones. Cherto is extremely accurate, convenient and fast.

Use Cherto urinalysis when you suspect:

  • UTI (cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis etc.)

  • Kidney diseases

  • Diabetes

  • Liver diseases

And that's just the beginning. Take a moment to discover Cherto. Visit us at our booth at Medica to see a live demonstration or write to Vladimir Argirov at vargirov@unicoms.com for further information.

We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback. We'll do all we can to make your Cherto experience positive.

We are a leader. We work with leaders. And our long history of innovation and development will keep you ahead of the curve in the home diagnostics sphere.