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Topic of the Month July 2017

Surgical lasers – flexible specialists, not only in the OR

Lasers have been used in surgery for decades. They have been continuously refined for different treatments. And they have become smaller and smaller, while their area of use has become ever larger: most of today's lasers are not bulky and rigid anymore, but can be flexibly used. They have also found their places in many ORs and doctor's offices. Learn in our Topic of the Month how surgical lasers make work easier for physicians and how patients benefit from this.


Photochemical internalization – A new hope against bile duct cancer?

Advanced bile duct tumors cannot always be removed surgically. Then, patients receive chemotherapy and a stent that corrects the narrowing of the bile duct that is caused by the tumor. Another, local therapy option is tested at the University Hospital Frankfurt: laser light is used to transport drugs into the tumor during photochemical internalization.