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It Should be Fun to Rehabilitate - Even at Home

A simple and unique training tool has proven to have a positive impact in the rehabilitation of brain-damaged.

Linea Detterberg and her father Henrik Detterberg are founders of the company Inimove. They have together, with specialists, developed a unique and stimulating training tool, where the results are seen in only four weeks.

The tool, Inimove Complex, is focusing on a fun and effect full training which are a motivating factor for brain damaged, because they typically have difficulties with everyday activities such as eating with knife and fork.

A clinical test, made by Brønderslev Neuro Rehabilitation Center in Denmark, shows after only 4 weeks of training, that stroke patients perform 17 % better in rehabilitation.

The study furthermore showed that nine out of ten, think it was fun and challenging to train with Inimove. "The patients in this group often have difficulties to understand instructions and it has been an advantage that the tool is easy to operate with," says Anja Børkild Nielsen from Brønderslev Neuro Rehabilitation Center.

The patients in the study had four weeks of daily training with Inimove in their rooms when they stayed at the Neuro Rehabilitation Center, and they got the tool home in the weekends. The patients had an improved activity and increased satisfaction with their physical abilities after training, when their fine motor skills, coordination and concentration where trained, says Anja.

Linea and Henrik Detterberg have spent hours developing Inimove and they are extremely satisfied with the results, which were published in the International Conference The International Network of Integrated Care 2011.