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Anetic Aid Ltd.

It’s all about the design

QA3 Patient Trolley

We all know how awkward it is to manoeuvre a large vehicle on our congested roads, so our concept behind the design of the QA3 v3.0 was to create as compact, light weight and manoeuvrable a product as possible without compromising the size of the patient lying surface.

Combining supreme manoeuvrability for staff with maximum comfort for patients, this latest model features:

• Increased maximum patient weight limit

• Exceptional low height

• Virtually zero transfer gap

• Gas assisted backlift

• K8 Pressure Care Mattress

• Damper-assisted Trendelenburg tilt

• Lifetime warranty – whole life cost transparency

The QA3 v3.0 is easily guided by one person, and, with the backrest raised, it is little more than 1.8m long: it also descends lower and is narrower and shorter than nearly all other patient trolleys on the market. The mattress covers the full width of the trolley for maximum patient comfort and the cotsides retract completely underneath it, which is why there is a virtually zero transfer gap.

Combine these features with our unique 5th wheel steering mechanism,and you have a trolley that is supremely easy to handle in the tight congested spaces of your average busy hospital.

As well as patient transport, there is a dedicated Emergency version of the QA3 which is X-ray translucent for A&E, plus a special Endoscopy version which can be offered with a small but significant 100mm increase in its maximum height