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Iranian Manufacturer Provides Pediatric Size Bloodline Set

Pharmed medical industries pioneered manufacturing pediatric size bloodline set for hemodialysis. Pharmed, well-known for hemodialysis disposables for adults, now began manufacturing bloodline set for children. In pediatric dialysis, vascular access is of primary importance, therefore, special equipment are needed.

“Hemodialysis bloodline set” includes lines and connectors to transfer a patient’s blood to dialyser for clearance. A child’s blood volume is far little than an adult’s and for this reason, dialysis bloodline with more little blood volume must be used for children; otherwise more volume of a child’s blood enters bloodline. Considering such matter, Pharmed Co. began manufacturing pediatric bloodline set since August 2015. “

"This model of pediatric bloodline set is first and unique in Iran. It is also standard for low weight children and compatible with all dialysis machines. The set is sterilized with ethylene oxide gas and its priming volume is equal to 47 cc". Cyrus Miandashti, managing director of Pharmed Industries said. Mentioned product is to be provided in October by Medway Teb Pouyan Co., the sole representative of Pharmed for sales and marketing.

Author: Nazanin Ehsani Tabatabaee

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