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Iranian 1.8 Dialysers to Launch in October

Dialysers are the most vital products for dialysis patients; they act as artificial kidneys. According to hemodialysis principals, the more patient’s blood contacts dialysers, the higher clearance is taken. Current statistics show that 1.8 dialysers are the best-selling ones in the world. Having done many researches and regarding the policy of improving the quality of dialysis therapies, Meditechsys Co. started manufacturing 1.8 dialysers since 2014.

The company manufactures this dialyser in two models of Polysulfone and Polyethersulfone. These two models are ready to be exported to the countries of the region. The models have the most volume size and so, they give the highest clearance of urea and phosphorus. Using the technology of micro endolite, PET and SET in Polysulfone dialysers for taking best clearance are the other advantages of these models. Considering such points, 1.8 dialysers make it possible to have highest dialysis adequacy.

Mentioned dialysers are to be provided under the brand names of PES180 and PS180 in October by Medway Teb Pouyan Co., the sole representative of Meditechsys for sales and marketing.


Author: Nazanin Ehsani Tabatabaee

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