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Invitation to the 6th Health Technology Assessment Symposium

The 6thGerman HTA symposium is focussing on the subject of "Biomedical Sciences and Health Technology Assessment“. Experts and users from all over the world are presenting and discussing their experiences and demands on the 3rd and 4th of November in Cologne concerning this subject. Organiser of the meeting is the German Agency for HTA at DIMDI (DAHTA@DIMDI).

The bioscience addresses all aspects of the HTA concept in its political explosiveness and its scientific development. Not only genetic therapy procedures or developments in diagnostics raise many questions concerning efficiency, security, appropriateness and effectiveness; ethical and juridical aspects are of importance as well.

The programme of this year’s HTA symposium is completely dedicated to the exchange between HTA users, developers and all people interested. In the meanwhile, DAHTA@DIMDI can look back at five years of active HTA performance in a widely ramified network. Therefore, the significance of HTA on the national and international level and its future perspectives will be highlighted, too.

The speakers are top-class representatives of European HTA institutions, as well as chairmen of the HTA networks and the international professional society HTAi: David Banta (Paris), one of the pioneers of the international HTA development, will launch the symposium. Among others, Andrew Dillon (NICE/London), Alicia Granados (HEN; WHO/Copenhagen), Iain Gillespie (OECD, Paris), John Gabbay (INAHTA/HTAi, Southhampton), Berit Mørland (HTAi; NKH, Oslo) and Finn Børlum Kristensen (INAHTA; DACEHTA Copenhagen) will be giving speeches. In addition, there are numerous participants from politics and science, as well as from international organisations, of the health systems and representatives of the European Commission.

Traditionally, the opportunity for education and training will be offered at the end of the symposium. The evaluation of trials and the use of international information sources according to specific HTA criteria will be on this year’s programme.

The anniversary dinner, celebrating the founding of DAHTA@DIMDI five years ago, takes place on the first evening of the symposium at Museum Ludwig in Cologne, the famous museum of modern art; this gives the participants an additional opportunity for an informal exchange of communication.

You will find the latest information about the programme and the registration for the 6th HTA symposium on the internet: - HTA - HTA-Symposien.

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