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Investing in employee health boosts performance

Interview with Mark Verstegen from Exos

Photo: Mark Verstegen

Mark Verstegen; © beta-web/Stöter

Mark Verstegen, founder president of EXOS, is recognized as one of the world's top human performance experts pioneering the concept of integrated performance training. At this year's 3rd MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE he has given a talk about what corporations and employee populations can learn from elite sports.

Mark, what exactly can corporations learn from elite sports in terms of employee health management?

Mark Verstegen: The main thing they can learn is that they can get an equal return on investment by investing in their employees. Creating a culture of sustainable performance within the organisation and engineering a solution that meets each on of the individual employee's needs across mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery will pay of everytime.

How do you help companies integrate those learnings?:

Verstegen: Firstly, EXOS sees itself as a cultural integrator and upgrader across engagement and outcomes with employee populations. We do that by targeting the four fields of mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery.

Using novel technology that goes across digital platforms for the full employee population we get individualized gameplans, evaluations and prescriptions for each employee. We also use input from intelligent fitness centers and the company's food services. We look across the complete continuum of how an employee experiences their day from at work and also extending into their home.


Mark Verstegen; © beta-web/Stöter

How widely are those learnings already adopted within companies? Is caring for employee health and thus also performance something that companies increasingly tend and need to do?

Verstegen: Absolutely. Exos has over 150 global clients, touching nearly a million lives of those client's employees. Each one of our customers are getting great engagement and great outcomes that is not only decreasing healthcare costs but actually driving higher levels of performance both by individual employee and employee group.

At the same time, this comprehensive employee health management also helps companies attain and retain their top talents. This can really be described as a Win-Win-Win, which gets right back to our winning ways in sports.

Foto: Daniel Stöter

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The interview was conducted by Daniel Stöter